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Offering Anderson County and the surrounding areas high-quality smoked bbq in a fast paced delivery method that should fit anyone’s busy schedules

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The Rad Dad & His family


Justin Cobb is a local Anderson entrepreneur,  fascinated by business and customer service. He is a true life Rad Dad with a family of five: his wife Kristen and sons Linc, Liam, and Lex.

Justin always knew he would have his own business venture, but had to find what he was most passionate about. He believes that if you love something, you should find a way to make a living doing it.

After years of “ oohing” and “aahing” over smoked meat videos on social media, he decided to try his hand at this ancient craft. Immediately he was obsessed! BBQ is not just about eating. The process of managing fire and how the cooking process transforms the meat is artistry!

Now he is determined to keep true to traditional cooking methods and share what he has learned and developed with people. Serving people is the heart of his business model.

BBQ is a southern community staple and Justin is happy to bring family and friends together through good food.

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